My Peaceful Place

This small little area of paradise has been a part of my childhood from the time i was a few weeks old, i have spent many holidays here.

It is a great place to get away from life and relax with the sounds of native birds in the trees, cicadas singing along with the birds, the sounds of the rushing rivers, and also the sound of soft waves gently crashing on the shore.

Even in horrible windy wet weather, it is still a beautiful place to just relax and unwind, i will never get sick of being here. πŸ™‚





Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something but you have felt like it would be viewed as stupid or dumb or weird by other people…. well I had that moment the other day.

The other day I was sorting out some of the graduation photos I had printed off earlier in the month and was sorting them out as to who wanted what photos. And then as I had some left over and a spare photo frame as I had brought 2 previously. One I had given to my grandma on her birthday with a photo of me and her at my graduation.

So with the other frame and having many photos left over I had a thought of perhaps taking one of my photos and leaving it at my grandads graveside. But I kept thinking that no it’s just a silly thing to do, and that maybe other family who might go and visit and think it was stupid and why was it there and probably throw it away. My sister went a visited and said it just looked like the picture was of who was in the ground as other grave stones have photos of who they are but then I’m sure some people who figure it out.

I wanted to take my photo to show my grandad and so that he could “see” it, even though I’m sure he would’ve have been there at my graduation as well. And I know ( I hope) he would have come along if he was still here.

So it did take me awhile to decide and will I asked a few people and even my mum convinced me that it wasn’t a silly idea and that we should go visit and take it to my grandad.

Also gifted him a solar light as well as some of the lovely orange flowers that grow a lot around Blenheim.

Wish you all a great week

Zookeepers Wife – A movie Review

A while ago I decided to finally watch one of the many movies that are sitting in my to be watched list on netflix.

So I decided on Zookeeper’s Wife, it was a movie that I was meaning to watch one day when i had seen that it would be on the tv but by the time it came around to watching it, the movie was nearly finished that also could have been because I had forgotten all about it. Then one day I had found it on Netflix and quickly made sure to add it to my list to watch.

That is until one day where I decided to watch this movie, what a great movie it was, I enjoyed it quite a lot especially with it being based on true events so that was also a big factor in me watching it. The movie is set in WWII right before the germans evade Poland the movie shows the creating of the warsaw ghetto moving the jews etc. The movie follows the life of Jan and Antonina Zabinski who owned the Warsaw Zoo, sadly the zoo and many of the animals were killed in the evasion of Poland as bombs were even dropped onto the zoo. Jan and Antonina with their son still continued to stay in their house at the zoo almost throughout the whole war. Secretly they had become a part of the resistance and started helping move Jews to safer places so they could get away from all that was happening or about to happen, they had even had a safe place, hidden inside their house which had also housed many Jews.

The cast that played each of the characters in this movie made the movie just as brillant. Even though I knew nothing about this part of history before the movie I still feel that Jessica Chastain portrayed Antonina Zabinski really well as the other actors also did.

The Zabinski’s saved over 300 Jews during the war and were honored with the title of Righteous among nations.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is thinking of watching it. and i would also give it stars

Just some photos

Here are a few extra photos from the last few months πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoyed my photos:) happy tuesday

Movie Review: Jackie

This movie looks at the life of Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of her husband JFK, which she was also there for.

It was an ok movie I did find myself feeling a little confused during it, could just be because I don’t really know much of what went on after he was shot and really how it was like for Jackie, the acting was good though and was a little of the reason why I was watching it along with the fact it was based on an historical event and people

So it would be a good movie to watch if you arw interested in the Kennedy family and history.

For my I’d probably give it like 4/5 stars just based on the fact I got lost or confused during the movie but otherwise it was a good film. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

3 months into 2021

Actually meant for this post to have been done in January but time got away from me. So here we are on the 7th day of March. Here in New Zealand we just finished a week long stint at level 2 for most of the country while Auckland went into level 3, this is the 2nd time it has happened this year with having 3 days after valentine’s day.

Marfells Beach

Not just to mention that this week past there was a big earthquake followed by few more aftershocks that caused there to be a tsunami warning put out for coastal areas. There is a video out there that shows a power wave surge that was the tsunami, luckily it did not amount to much.

So what’s been new for me this year so far… will I started my teaching job, which has been exciting, nerve wracking and every other feeling you could think of, officially been there two months now. I did have a conflict moment with a teacher which stills confuses me to this day about what was really behind it, because she asked me a question and after I answered she just went off.. saying things like I don’t need to be babysat which I had never for one mintue thought I was or expected to be. Also since I was feeling not 100% at the time it happened thanks to having a cold, I did feel quite upset and down about it and worrying about if I would still have a job or not.

At the moment in the centre they have some tadpoles which a couple had turned into frog and have somehow magically disappeared from a closed tank.. o.o. But anyway I thought it would be cool to do an activity surrounding this so I looked up origami tadpoles and frogs also fish that would be easy for children to do and some actually did quite well with it :).

Also this year I spontaneously paid for a ticket to go on a boat wildlife cruise around the Marlborough sounds, which was a lot of fun got to see a lot of different sea birds as well as hector dolphins which are very little and there is only about 32ish of this Dolphins in the world, also walked up Motuara Island which I was very determined to walk up regardless of how steep it got I still made it up to the top.

Got my graduation photos back that were done by professional photographer πŸ™‚

I have had a few meals out, my mum and I went to a place called bamboo gardens and we tried a few different dishes from a share menu which was all really nice and delicious πŸ˜‹

Also went out for 2 work do dinners one at bamboo gardens and another at yard bar… yard bar had yummy pizzas

Went out also for my grandmas birthday again at bamboo gardens which I’m sure you can guess is officially a favorite place of mine this time had wonton soup and crunchy chicken with green curry sauce on noodles was soooo good followed by a banana split

Seems like I have out a lot since I moved up here to blenheim πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ last night went to the movies with my mum and grandma, saw a movie called “Cousins it was a alright film it is a New Zealand made film.

So it has been a busy couple of months for me.. have also had some movie dates and calls with my special one πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Lastly I went on a weekend trip last month to Resolution bay which was quite fun and enjoyable… not to mention I new also have to wear glasses.

Tune in for next time,have a good week all

A look back

Will what a year 2020 had been, had it’s up and downs, with a few highlights and low lights.. many stressful moments most of course surrounding covid, lockdowns and then University thrown in the mix. But yet the main highlight is that I got to actually graduate, even though I didn’t get the full ceremony of walking across the stage and being presented the certificate that way, thanks to that stupid person, who got caught the day before my graduation. One thing that got to happen was a parade, expect this time it was only done around the university, was quite nice to have a very exciting.

So the 19th of December arrived and what a busy day that had turned out to be, the day before I got my nails done in a very lovely red colour, and then was at my sister’s staying the night. Early in the morning, I was getting ready having my make up done then off to the university to get my professional photos done, that was about when my nerves had started kicking in. After the photos went to the brunch that the uni had put on, although it wasn’t that exciting of food or really drinks there, also meet up with my 2 friends there and afterwards was time for the parade. We still got presented with our certificates it was just a little different as we used a lecture theatre to get that done, it was a little sad as I also had people who were going to watch the graduation ceremony through the live stream but ended up not being able to but I did get someone to also film that little bit for me. The funny thing was that the most nervous I had felt was when I was going to pick up my regalia, not sure why but gosh was quite a nervous moment for me.

Had a lovely meal with everyone including my aunty who came down for my graduation, we went to a place called Joe’s garage I had schnitzel which was quite nice although there was 3 large pieces so it did make me full quite quickly, although I did have a little dessert which was really just an ice cream sundae had even tried a frozen cocktail which I believe was strawberry flavored it was pretty good.

I got a graduation bear which also wore the colours of what was on my hood, the colour was called flame, which I think was a pretty nice colour, also I got a sunflower as my little flower, which as my mum had mentioned since we associate sunflowers with my grandad she thought it would be nice to get that for me when she told me I nearly started crying.

So sure 2020 was one busy year with a few stresses coming out every now and then but it went ok for me, maybe even a little bit i think having this pandemic and there being a lockdown was almost helpful to me, while also at the same time I had people telling me that everything was all me, which I could see for myself as I really did have all this new found confidence throughout the year.

towards the end of the year after Christmas was all done with, which had seemed to have gone by pretty quickly last year, with my mum we went for a day trip to marahau and went out seea kayaking for the day which was pretty fun, except for the fact that we had to kayak across at one time where is was a but rough, I did not enjoy that so much, but overall it was a good day I had randomly got sunburnt on my wrist which was the only spot too that may have been because I was wearing my watch and then had taken it off when it had died.

tune in to here the first post of 2021 focused on 2021 πŸ™‚

wish all that read this a great year.

Theory of Everything: Movie Review

Today I picked one of my many movies on my list to watch on Netflix and currently watching it on the big tv screen since we have put a chromecast into the Tv,

So I picked to watch Theory of everything, which is about Stephen Hawking, I had been meaning to watch so many times from when it had first come out but kept forgetting to so when I had seen it come up on Netflix I quickly added it to my list to watch. The movie follows Stephen’s life from just before he was discovered to have the motor neuron disease of ALS, when he was attending college as an astrophysicist and then it continues to follow his life more as he continues to through his discoveries and his research, and it also looks at the relationship between him and his wife Jane. There is really nothing that I could fault with the movie as it is really me learning all about who Stephen Hawking is, or at least was in his younger years before most people associated him with the man in a wheelchair who used a computer to talk with.

It stars Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Charlie Cox, David Thewlis and many more. It is a pretty good movie, and probably the first I have seen that has been made about Stephen Hawking, although I know there have been others. I quite enjoy this movies, ones on historical moments or important people in the world. Especially enjoying watching this movie as I do not really know all the much about Stephen Hawking, so I am finding it quite enjoyable to watch. It is a good movie and I think the Eddie potrays the young stephen quite well capturing the younger life of him. I could probably watch this movie over and over again, as I think that it is really good. Although I don’t know too much about Felicity Jones or unsure if I have seen her in anything before but her potrayal of Jane is just as amazing also.

I would recommend this movie to anyone the would be interested in watching it and totally deserves 5 stars.


A December post

Slowly will what sort of feels like it is going slow now, we are reaching the end of the crazy year of 2020. It’s not like anyone could really have seen how the year would turn out, sometimes i think for me that covid was a little bit helpful in my passing university this year. Although I know that I had also had a hand in it, especially with all the new found confidence that I had built throughout the year, where I was also able to let more of myself shine through, like for example on placement the teachers at the centre especially my associate just let me do what I wanted and do it in my own time, basically figuring out for myself where I could fit within the centre and also what I could bring.

I haven’t done too much during this month even though we are only on the 14th day as I write this post, I have done a bit more security work, worked the semi-final game of Northland and Otago, which Otago had sadly lost, for that game I was in the elevator again, such a fun role that is, where you are just being a chauffeur to the people that sit in the corporate boxes or the players and members of the sports teams, to their different floors, sometimes it can become a little boring when it is quiet and not much is happening. A couple of weeks ago I did get to work up at the centre that I relieved at, which was fun, I always enjoy going to work there. After the work at the centre, I was doing a long day of security work, first it was at the stadium with Christmas in the stadium, there was a lot of Christmas songs and fun, minus the fact that it poured with rain so many times, later on I then went to work at the town hall at a concert of a group called the Dudes, did not really know who they expect that I knew of some of the songs, and will one members was Dave Dobbyn so I at least knew one person.

Interesting burger from a keto place couldnt eat it all though

The funny thing was as I was heading down to the bus hub to grab one of the last few buses of the night, just as I got to the bus hub I had seen that my bus was nearly at the stop, so I started running down the street to catch up with the bus, once I had gotten on my card decided to take a little while to work and the bus was asking if I was ok, think maybe he thought I had been drinking but that was far from the truth as most of my appearance would have been from running to the bus but also the fact I was tired from working and being on my feet for over 11 hours.

After that long day of work the next day was the work do for red badge, which was a lot of fun, played a few games, ate yummy food and just had lots of chats going on, also we gave out secret santa gifts, or more wen picked one out of the santa sack, I got a bucket of M&Ms which are now all gone, which was a good thing to be honest all else they would have just sat there for ages. I was of course secretly hoping that I may pick my own gift that I had brought, which was some fairy lights in the shape of stars which I thought were pretty cool and would have loved them for myself. I did keep being asked if I wanted to work at Rhythm and Alps this year, but I stood by my stance on saying no, nice to have a break from the long new year days from doing those shifts even if the money from it is pretty good.

The next day was the final day of music and movement session for the year, which was also a Christmas session as it was the last one for the year but also since we were coming up to Christmas so it made sense. I dressed up a little to be all Christmassy even had gold glitter on as I has brought some roll-on glitter, it was a fun session just like they all are, I even got a thank you gift, which was a notebook and a drink bottle.

Last week I caught up with my friends spent the whole day together even though we were actually only going to dinner, so it sort of turned into a bit of a christmas shopping time also, where I have brought a gift for one grandma, my 2 sisters and also couple of dogs. We went to a pub called rope and twine, so it was all pub meals which were pretty good, I had yummy schnitzel with mushroom sauce served with fries and a salad also had banana spilt for desert although I could not finishing it all as was just a bit too much cream.

Last week I had also went for a trip up to Lanarch Castle, went up early to do the early bird cheaper prices, but managed to get in for free which was pretty cool, was also quite nice going as it was also pretty quiet even more so since there haven’t been tourist around or the cruise ships with the borders still being closed. Yes I took a lot of photos.

Last week happened to be the beginning of the graduations but sadly about 10 minutes before the first lot was about to parade down the main road the graduations got postponed all because someone sent a threat targeting the graduations, consequently that meant few more graduations got canceled even the polytechnic had cancelled theirs, although people still did all the other things and were presented their certificate, it was more just the parade and the ceremony in the town hall were the parts that were not going to happen.

My graduation is on Saturday I am looking forward to it minus the fact that the same has happened where it has been postponed but I’ll still be having photos, being given my certificate and everything.

Tune in next time for another post … possibly about graduation.

Have a great wednesday all

Advent πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ•―πŸ•―

I had meant to start on this post at the beginning of the month when it was the week of the first advent, and now it is week 3. So I had become a little more curious about advent and what it is beyond the little that i knew already, I may have known more but is a possibility that i did forget, as I do sometimes attend church. But more importantly I remembered that the weeks leading up to christmas there was also lighting the candles that represented many different topics, as I also discovered there is not really a constant order. The topics are of peace, love, joy and hope. I also recently discovered the advent has a specific colour to represent it.

So I decided to do my own little research through google to see what more I can discover about advent.

So what is advent, i found some information to go with this off the website. The word advent itself comes from the latin word adventus which means coming.

Scholars believe that during the 4th and 5th centuries in Spain and Gaul, Advent was a season of preparation for the baptism of new Christians at the January feast of Epiphany, the celebration of God’s incarnation represented by the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1), his baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist (John 1:29), and his first miracle at Cana (John 2:1). During this season of preparation, Christians would spend 40 days in penance, prayer, and fasting to prepare for this celebration; originally, there was little connection between Advent and Christmas. (

Advent is believed to have been recorded to have began around the 4th century. Advent is a little bit like lent where it is seen as a lead into easter, which is how lent works as lent comes before easter, and just like with advent where it is over 4 sundays leading up to christmas or more the birth of Jesus. The written record of advent could be seen within Modern Spain and Europe, the first two weeks of advent are seen as reflecting on the second coming while the last two weeks the church looks at the coming of christ in the manager.

The wreath that is associated with advent first came about in Germany 1839 by a Lutheran minister who used a wheel cart, with 4 white candles that were lit on Sundays and red candles around the outside that were lit during the week. Later on, the wreath was changed to be evergreens to symbolise everlasting life, that can also continue to happen during winter ( as advent and Christmas is winter in the northern hemisphere while for me I have always had a summer Christmas, I am very much dreaming of a white Christmas. I had also discovered that the different denominations of Christianity they all do advent in different ways that follow in with the sort of church services that they do. Along with the wreath, there is the 4 candles that are placed within, where each of the candles is lit heading up to Christmas, and sometimes there is a 5th candle this is the one that would be lit on Christmas day services that most churches do hold, where the candles traditionally represent Joy, hope, faith and peace.

The candles could also be seen in different colours  Often, the first, second, and fourth candles are purple; the third candle is rose-colored. Sometimes all the candles are red; in other traditions, all four candles are blue or white. Occasionally, a fifth white candle is placed in the middle and is lit on Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus’ birth. (

he four weeks of Advent are broken down into the themes:

  1. Hope (or promise)
  2. Preparation (waiting or prophecy)
  3. Joy (peace)
  4. Love (adoration

Happy Advent to all who follow it